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Bigbub1968 said:
What kind of racing class do you run?
SCCA regional class called Super Production (SP). It is basically an open class they offer on a regional basis. It does not qualify for national points. Typically we race in the same group as other so-called big bore (by sports car standards) classes like GT-1, GT-2, GTA, etc.

Generally SP cars must be based on, or at least resemble, a production car and almost anything goes except for things like changing a front engine car to mid-engine. However, sometimes they will let a car that has no resemblance to a production car run. Last year the winner of the Rose Cup in Portland, Oregon ran a Porsche 962 and it was classified as a Super Production car.

SP cars must also comply with SCCA General Competition Rules, which focus primarilly on safety and may prohibit things such as nitrous that are allowed for drag racing.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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