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All forum members who purchase a RobbMc Dual Mode Fuel Pressure Regulator between now and midnight October 31st 2007 will receive a rebate check in the mail during the month of November 2007.


The amount of the rebate depends on the total number of regulators purchased by forum members between now and October 31st. The more regulators purchased, the larger the rebate checks:

Total # of regulators purchased by members, Amount of rebate
1 regulator, 1%
2 regulators, 2%
3 regulators, 3%
4 regulators, 4%
etc., etc. up to 25 regulators, 25%

If more than 25 regulators are purchased, the rebate will be 25%. Rebate percentage refers to selling price of the regulator only and does not include the cost of shipping or other parts purchased.

In addition to the rebate, the first five members who purchase a regulator will receive a free mounting bracket PN 1049 with their regulator.

Selling price is $125. Shipping to any 48 states address is a flat fee of $15. Please contact me if you live outside the 48 states as shipping will be higher.
([email protected])

At 25% the rebate checks would be $31.25.

If you live in the 48 states, regulators can be ordered directly from our website using a credit card or Paypal. If you live outside the USA, you can place an order with a credit card by calling 775-885-7411.

When purchasing a regulator, you MUST state your forum user name and the name of the forum in order to get the rebate check. Each time a forum member purchases a regulator I will post it on this thread so all members can see the the total number of regulators purchased so far and how much the rebate checks are going to be. The more people that purchase, the more money everyone saves.


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