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I've come up with few Rollmaster timing sets - the good ones with the German chain (not the cheap blue box junk...) - but stuff that been on the shelf for a year or so at another guy's place. I have eight of the "normal" 460 Ford sets in .005 tighter, and two of them in .010 tighter, along with 13 of the .005s modified for use of a torrington cam plate (still waiting for those to come in for pictures...so I can't tell you exactly what they measure up/look like...you guys probably already know...).

100 bucks each for the normal ones. 120 for the torrington parts. I thinks that a fair amount less than normal for the Rollmaster stuff...

I'll sell the whole kaboodle to someone at a discount....

P.S. - - you should see how many Mopar ones I have!!! 100+ sets! gonna be a big bonfire 'round the shop tonight if I can't sell them... ;)
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