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This is the system I bought off of Jon Faubion ( Richter69 ) and have decided to stay with gas so it's up for sale. I haven't even unpacked the box so it's as Jon sent it too me.

The post below is what Jon had listed on his for sale ad and he has allowed me to copy and paste it, Thanks Jon.

Price is $ 1450.00 includes shipping

I have a complete Ron's 2100 cfm Terminator for sale, 0.5 pump that was just rebuilt by Ron's, 38 or 39 nozzels, mandrel, belt, shutoff cable, the whole shootin match. This system, pump, nozzels and all the pills have been flowed and I have all the sheets for everything, I have a couple hundred in this alone.

I also have a Jomar 1" open spacer I had a Ron's primer plus bar installed in, has the one quart cell, elec pump, solenoid, and the adj needle valve. The spacer has been ported to match the dimensions of the Terminator.

I also have a Kinsler highspeed I'll toss in.

This is a real nice complete set up, add a fuel cell, some lines and fittings and your ready to go.
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