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Sorry just saw this post, 2 things I can think of to check. 1 did you by chance "bypass" your EGR? If so, don't... Your engine will run better with it.. it was designed to run lean and the EGR helps it do that.. 2 check your muffler and see if it feels like it's borked up solid. This can happen when you poke out your converter. Loose substrate from your converter will brake loose when the engine warms up and since your muffler is doing it's job... That's where all the chunks of converter are ending up. When your engine gets hot, so does the exhaust, heat swells stuff up.. All those converter chunks when hot will stop up flow in your muffler like a tater in the tailpipe... Solution, get a new muffler and drive a piece of exhaust pipe thru the converter and leave it there as a "bypass" so the converter chunks stay wedged in the converter and not in the muffler, better yet replace it with a free flowing converter that will burn clean and not affect your exhaust flow... Unless you race your motor home off road all the time??
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