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round 2 saturday... tryin again!

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well memorial day was a bummer after snappin my t case in half, got my divorced tcase swap done and hope everything holds up saturday, im a little weary of the rubber mounted divorced but i guess if they didnt work they wouldnt have used em.

as long as nothin breaks ill be glad though! plus my boss will be there with his 700hp chebby he just put together hes dont got real big axles and with his 6000 rpm stall converter... im anxious to see what flys!! them ill march right through his ruts after they pull him out!
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Good luck Saturday!
well all went decent saturday, it was a just-for-fun bog and i went first cuz no one wanted to be the first to break down or get stuck! i almost made it each time i ran but my dang clutch linkage come apart twice.... oh well still got to drive it back on the trailer!
what i couldnt believe is how many people noticed i had swapped in a d60 since the last bog they had... i guess im top competition up there and they keep an eye on me!
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