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I have a question conserning the camshaft in my 460. I had a motor built a couple of years ago and installed a ford motorsports cam I think the lift was 543 int, and 588 ex. After breaking it in I made some street passes with it and ran it lean and popped the motor. Upon disassembly I noticed that the no.4 int.lobe on the camshaft was rounded off as was the lifter.Well, the block was trashed and the only thing salvagable were the cj heads. It took me alittle while but I got another block had it redone 30 over, redid the heads,went with a bigger motorsports cam,more compression etc. I got this one running decent, broke it in, drove it around for a bit then heard the rockers making a little racket. So I took off the valve covers and noticed one of the rockers was way too loose,tryed adjusting but it was almost bottomed out. I decided then to take out the camshaft and the same thing happened to this cam as it did in the other block. The no.4 int. lobe was rounded off again! What gives? Has this happen to anyone else? I'm going on my 3rd cam 2nd block. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long post. Great site by the way. Thanks in advance

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