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I know they show 3 part numbers. Has anyone tried a set in this app?

Engine is assembled (C9 heads, C6 trans), but not mocked up in the car yet to get an idea on where the collectors need to exit. I live in Pittsburgh, Land Of Ultimate POS Roadways, and would prefer shorties. FPA's look like the ticket, but steering box and customer service issues are well documented. I do not want Hookers (clearance and quality issues also documented).
Crites may be another option, but am turned off by yet again another bad vibe regarding CS.
Almost forgot... has anyone tried Maddog pipes yet? I don't know much about them, but again would prefer shorties.

Car will have 1" drop 720 springs, but may go to 620's if the ride sucks bad enough. I am not after peak power figures; mainly fit, quality and good support if needed. I refuse to thump on pipes that I paid to work.
Tried the search function but didn't come up with much.
An email to Sanderson CS regarding fitment was returned with a big 'ol... Uhhh, WE DUNNO(??!!). Not a good first impression. How frustrating. Back to square one we go.

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