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F cam - $100

Stage 2 Trick Flow camshaft - $100

Stage 3 Trick Flow camshaft - $125

Custom Solid Roller cam (pm for specs) $180

BBK Shorty Headers for 302 mustang.. Ceramic Coated.. $125

Trick Flow Twisted Wedge heads, fresh from machine shop, new guides, seals, surface, and 6 new valves. 3/8 stud mount. Springs are good to .700 lift hydraulic roller. Heads are perfect and ready to bolt on and go.. $750

302 block fresh from machine shop. Acid bath, block was checked out, and sonic tested. Bored .030 over, and decked. New freeze plugs and cam bearings. Block was also machined for bottom end girdle which will be included with block. $400

347 stroker kit. Forged .030 over pistons from Probe, Probe Forged I beam rods, Cast crank. Kit is good for 850+ hp.. Pistons have valve relives for twisted wedge head. Kit also includs new bearings, rings and all. I bought this kit new, and never used it. Still in boxes. Kit is balanced to 28oz. I have a 28oz balancer for this kit I will include, and also a Billet Flywheel for manual car that is also 28oz that I will add for another $100. All new in box. Whole kit $1000

Trick Flow 1.6 roller rockers, new condition, just been bolted up and sat on stand. 3/8 stud mount. $200

302 Carb intake. Single plane, pro comp design. Same thing as a victor Jr intake. Polished. Heres a link to one on ebay. This one looks just like that. It has been pocket ported some. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayI ... vi-content Asking $125

302 Edelbrock 4bl intake.. Part # F4B.. After searching, seems this intake is pretty damn desired. Its an older casting from way back. Basically a copy of the older cobra intakes. $60

Ford Racing Valve covers, Polished, Decent, could use a good polish. Never been ran, just been sitting for a long time. $50

I have other small parts here and there, not much though. Combo deals can be worked out.. and Fully assembled 347 motor can be worked out.
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