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Tom C said:
I picked up a 429 SCJ intake at the wrecking yard for $25. The Ford performance book says you can gain some HP buy port matching stock heads and using this manifold. Is ths true? Will I lose bottem end from the huge ports? I am putting toghether a 460 with the Fuel injection pistons and D3 heads, should be close to 9-1 comp. The cam is a mild RV grind with less than 500 lift. It is going in a 77 F350 that is used for hauling and pulling my car trailer. Should I just use a stock dove intake? I need to keep the bottom and midrange torque. Thanks
Theoretically it should hurt the low end performance, and theoretically the heads should be port matched to it, but dyno tests have proven otherwise.
An iron SCJ intake was good for close to 30 h.p. on a really mild (maybe stock) 460 without a port match (compared to stock D0VE intake). After port-match dyno numbers were identical. Conclusion was the port match was a waste of time in this perticular instance. This test was done way back before any decent after-market intakes were available for the BBF.

Some friends of mine here in TX run a mild hyd cam 460 in a 3,000# mustang with stock un-ported D0VE heads and a CJ port Stealth. Runs 10.7's consistently. Naturally asperated.

Another example of this bass-ackwards port mismatch deal. Back in the late 70's a buddy of mine had a 427 Chevelle with stock oval-port heads and a rectangle-port tunnel-ram with a single 3-barrel holley. Ran way better than one would have suspected, and had LOADS of torque. Was daily driven, ran 12's and probably weighed 4,000#

If you have the parts... Run 'em. It will work better than it "should". ;-)
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