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SCJ/Kaase or standard piston build

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What are the pros/cons of going with either setup for pistons in a short block? I don't want to go down the wrong path and have to backtrack in the future. I'm concerned about availability of parts, heads, valve train reliability.

Would like to build a nice 514 or bigger with either SCJ, P51s, or KeithCraft ported Performer RPMs.

Also, which is cheaper (when calculating cost of stroker kit, heads, rockers, headers, etc.)?

Going to eventually be a Nitrous motor. For now its just a stock 460 going in a Fox with a glide.
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Application should guide your decision. For an eventual goal of an N02 fed stroker and drag racing, SCJ's are the obvious choice. There's not going to be a significant difference in cost given the demands of the application.

In the short term, you may have to notch the pistons in the stock shortblock to allow clearance for the SCJ's altered valve angles.
Sorry bout posting in wrong section, forgot where I was at. Thanks for the move!!!!
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