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I guess I am going to sell my 79. I need to get a tractor for our place.

The truck will run BUT the main cap bearings need changing. The rod bearings still have the silver color but scratched up. I didn't hear no knocking when I drove the truck. 460 was rebuilt and was fast.

Steering needs fixing. Needs new hub locks.

Truck is sitting on 38s Super Swampers.

Truck will be good for someone to make as a toy.

I have alot tied up in. I mean alot. It might not seem like it but I did put alot in it over time.

I also have a 78 Ford F150 2wd that was my parts truck that someone can get also if they purchase my 4x4. The 2wd doesn't have the front suspension on it...

I am asking $3000 for it all.

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