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Time is come to move off of a dead project.. i dont have the time or funding to finish it. I want to see it go to a good home. I can finish the build with the proper funding...But i am asking $5000 for every thing. motor, trans. all pieces and parts i have.

only interesting party's can email me at [email protected] for more details. please do not PM me on tha forum you see this posted on, more then likely i have not been on in a while, and may not be back on any time soon. my business has consumed all of my time.

i have a ton of pics to this project here on my forum. http://gearheadzautomotive.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=16 you can see were it was, and how its progressed over the years.

i have 2 hoods, 2 noses. just about every part to the car is here. i have a extra black dash, most of the every thing you need to finish the project.. it still needs wired and plumbed. (its missing a some main things like plumbing and so on) most of the main parts are here. it needs gears, spool and bearing set, and yoke to have a complete rear end, missing some small trans parts, and machine work for that to be complete. and other little old and ends. i have all the insides and trim to the car tho. so no digging for that! if the car sells rolling, depending on that sale, the rest will be parted out.

and for the right amount of money, i can complete this project to finish. but a chunk of change will need to be put down, please email me for more details on this!

there is
aeromotive eliminator fuel pump (older style) but works great, i have tested it
digital 6 msd box, i also have a digital 7 box that needs repaired.
new aluminum 10 gallon fuel cell
kirky racing seat
moser 9" narrowed, back braced, and so on
Versailles rear disc brakes
strange large bearing center section
c-6 trans tci kit to go in it
most of the roller bearing for making it a roller trans
Frank merkle tran brake
9" custom billet converter
drive shaft loop
aje k member(older style with mounts)
qa1 a arms
lakewood drag struts and upr coil overs
camber caster plates
baseline offset moly double adjustable lower control arms
upr pro series upper arms
comp eng anti roll bar(yeah i know, i was going to brace it, but didnt..was just going to get a good one and install it, but never got around to it)
lots of gauges(all the ones you see in the build thread pics)
car has been mini tubbed and caged with thru the floor sub frame connectors from auto weld(you can see every thing in the build thread posted above!)
car will fit a 30x13.5 et street on a 15x12 wheel with a 7 1/2 back space. after the wheel well opening have been opened up some. but this will fit the biggest 15" drag radial (325/60 15)
the v-6 wheels on the rear, and the jegs 8 hole wheels on the front are what come with this project!
hooker coated headers
frpp swap mounts
canton oil pan
march under drive pulley's on stock brackets
100amp alt
pro start starter(the good one)
1050 dommy carb, pro built(cant remember the name of who done it tho)
victor intake
c9 heads and block, ported and polished, over bored with high compression arias pistons, arp bolt's and studs all thru it, custom grind solid lifter cam. push rods guide plates etc etc. motor made 648hp on a engine dyno 5 year ago, but sadly the motor has not ran in 4 years, since i have started redoing the car. i have not made much progress on the car in the last few years since starting my shop. i have a ton of time in this project and would like to see it go to a good home. i am asking $5000 firm on all of it. and want it gone! its in the way, and i can always build what i truely want now. I can sell this rolling for the right money, striped down or not. chassis has not been cert'ed yet. was going to finish some welding on it, and have that done after painting the car, but never got to that stage.

i have a ton of time in the engine bay alone! let alone the chassis work. i am losing on money on this, and to be honest, i do not want to sell. but i have had a customer boucne some CC's on my business, and that comes first and for most for me.

i was looking for $6000.. but 5k Cash talks right now....need to sell asap!

im sure there is more i am forgetting. any questions just ask


ok parting this out now.. here it a list and pics!
2 2 5/8 silver face fp gauges in cups, each comes with a hose $50 each, one n20 gauge of same make and size, with cup $40 all are like new!

4 foot 6 an nitrous line, with y fitting $30

eliminator fuel pump, older style works great supports alot more then the newer ones, come with one 10an fitting $300 shipped

msd digital 6 box one season of racing, $225 shipped

digital 7 box, needs repaired best offer

redline tuning stainless hood struts, these fit 79-98 cars with steel or glass hood, brand new! $130 shipped

466 big block, carb to pan $2000 specs can be found above in the post$2000

b&m carbon fiber shifter. new , also have reverse gate plate for it. new in box, looking for cable for it $225 shipped (was 300 new)

brand new tci rebuild kit for c-6, also tossing in roller bearings for this, $200 shipped!

i have more to post later!

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parting this out now..

merkle trans brake $500---sold

hooker BBF swap headers jet hot coated $550 plus the ride

msd digital6 box $200 plus the ride

aeromotive eliminator pump, older style works great very little run time, $300 plus the ride

i have much more to list , tons of gauges, new shifter, motor, trans parts and so on...

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Would you sell the k-member and spacers? Drag struts?
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