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All parts are located just west of Green Bay Wisconsin, pulaski to be more accurate zip is 54162. I am only trying to sell this stuff to help come up with a down payment for a house...I am tired of my crappy apartment.

429 d00e-r heads bare, somebody ported, blasted and magged no cracks, sold

429 dooe-r cast iron intake, $75

460 Reed roller cam, new in the box, 255/260 @.050, .690/.720 lift, 110 lobe sep, offer

comp roller lifters for the 460 with the oil holes to the bearings, new in the box, sold

rpm bbc 6.800 h-beam rods, new in the box, $300

eagle cast 4.300 storke crank, new in the box, $200

probe flat top pistons for a 4.390 by 4.300 stroke, new in the box, for standard head, $400

Jomar stud girdles for standard dove type head, new in the box, offer

16 lunati 1.73 roller rockers, no poly locks, new, but old style blue ones, sold

2 nos a-460 intake manifolds, one with tfs part, one with ford motorsports logo, $350 each

John Holmes a-460 tunnel ram, I don't think its ever been run, port matched, offer

New victor intake dominator flange, $290

8082 holley dominator new in the box, $650

I also have approximately 10 engines and misc parts mostly 460, but I think there may be a few 429's in there that could go too if somebody local is looking for a core engine.

I have been kind of out of the loop lately with prices and so if somebody wants to make an offer on any of this stuff, or if they are looking for something I may have, please ask.

Heavy stuff I would like to not ship, best to contact me by email or phone, 920-660-2378 or [email protected].

Thank you,
Kyle Ladowski
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