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Well we started the weekend out on Thursday night @ Amherst WI pulling with the P.I. Club ..
I never pulled on this track but my buddy ( Bruce ) has for the last 6 years .. On the ride there he told me the track gets better as the night goes on .. so try to pick a big number to be close to the end of the class. As he told me the last 3 trucks will end up 1, 2, 3..

So we go to sign up and I pull #29 and my buddy pulls a #4 out of 40 Chips .. there was 18 trucks there that night . As it turned out my buddy was #3 on the roster and I was #10..
Super Stock Trucks where the 3rd class of the night so the track had some time to get packed in but we'd like to had been the last class of the night , But Ohh well ....

Super Stock Class

So the first truck hooked to the sled and yank it too the 315' mark and they reset the sled, So he'll come back at the end of the class. Next truck up was Jeff Rivers and AfterShock, he hooked to the sled and ended up breaking the front outer axle and only pulled it too the 250' mark and turned his pull down seeing he was the first puller after they reset the sled..
Next up was Bruce Wagner and Bad to the bone ( my Buddy ) He took the sled to the 295.7' mark .. puts him in 1st place ...the next 5 truck stopped a little further back after each pull, so when Locked and Loaded lined up he pulled it 297.3' to move into 1st place .. Then the truck Before me hooked and pulled it too just behind Bruce's mark .

The Track was coming and going with each Truck, And I'm up next .. which way was the track going to be for me .

So I had put a 950 gear in at the beginning of the day after looking at the track, and Bruce told me I should gear down cuz this track was a Horsepower track, but I stood by my gear pick.

I hooked up too the Attitude Adjuster and took up the slack in the chain.
The flag man gave me the green flag and I left the line like I was pulling my Two Truck Trailer from the stop light, never spun the tires and the rpm's came up too 6800 and held there until I spun out at the 296.5' mark where it hit 7200 for a sec. but was good for 2nd place at that time with 8 trucks to go ..

So too the finish line I go to watch as the rest of the trucks run ..
I ended the day in 8th place . which is better then a poke in the eye with a sharp stick .. Paid for the fuel there And Bruce took 9th which paid for the fuel home .. so we had a good day and only cost us lunch.

But after further review I should have listen to Bruce and put a 650 Gear in which would have brought my Rpm's up too the 7800 I like and a better wheel speed .

Now Friday Night was the Francis Creek Days Pull

I pull in 2 classes there 5500 S.S. and 6250 S.S.
In the light class I took the sled to the 297' mark and crushed the class by 20'..
In the Heavy class I had to make 3 pulls.. I was the 2nd puller in the class and after I pulled they reset the sled. Then again after a few truck after me. So when I hooked up to it the 2nd time, I still pulled it out too the 300+ mark. So back to the head of the line along with one other Truck that pulled it out. It was down to Him and I ... He Dropped a gear in his Truck and I stayed the same.. But I should have dropped a gear also.. He got me 299' too 297'...

And here's the video of the Francis Creek Pulls . I tried to get someone to video at the Amherst but it didn't work out .


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