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shim gaskets-al heads

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can steel shim type head gaskets be used on aluminum heads?
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thanks dave, does anyone know who makes a quality set and typical thickness?
I don't know of anyone who makes a shim gasket for the 460 engine. Cometic makes the MLS gaskets which are great and they will work with either cast iron or aluminum cylinder heads.
Cometic Head gaskets

I have always used Fel Pro 1099, head gaskets. On my new engine I switched to Cometic MLS because I was using a new A460 block and it was going to be decked and I thought this was the time to change to the MLS gaskets because they are re-usable. The block and heads were finished to Cometic specs and within 2-3 minutes of the initial start-up both sides of the block started leaking water on the exhaust side between the head and the block. After cool down I checked the radiator pressure, leaked the engine down and there appeared to be no leaks. I took the heads off and the sealing marks on the block and heads appear to have no areas of leakage and the gaskets looked new. I put on a new set of Felpro 1099 gaskets and everything is great now with no leaks. These are 10 bolt A-460 heads and an A-460 block. Any one have any comments on this problem with Cometic gaskets???
can steel shim type head gaskets be used on aluminum heads?
Square deck the block and re-surface the heads before using a steel shim head gasket.And also you will gain about a half a point more compression.to purchase the steel shim gasket you will have to search around at some HP racing parts store for the 460 steel shim gaskets or check around with former drag racers that might know where to find the gaskets.:D:D cosmetic used to have them and may still do WR
Cometic Gaskets


On new 1st time use cometics do you give them a light spray of copper coat and let dry to tacky or is that if you are going to reuse them. I haven't bolted my heads on yet so I can do the copper coat thing now. 14-1 comp, Iron CJ's with ARP studs.

Thanks Mark
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