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Hello all,

Today we will be tweaking the site in order to continuously improve upon the last upgrade. These will be very minor changes and should not yield any down time or disruptions for the community.

Here is a listing of the improvements we are making and reported issues we are addressing. Some might have already been implemented on your community before this update, we are just making sure everyone has the same improvements.

1. The sidebar will now be sticky when enabled and scroll down the page.
• Removes empty white space on the side bar, you can still disable this in the control panel
2. The New Member Setup Progress bar will be collapsible
• You can now toggle it to not show if you choose not to setup full account info
3. Additional search options for New Posts dropdown added to main Nav Bar
• 2-5 days
• Last week
• Last two weeks
4. Heart icon updated to thumbs up for “Likes”
5. Upgrade Reply Box to auto resize to larger screen and devices
6. Backend improvements for speed and load times – ongoing process
7. Smiles popup box larger
8. Smiles in preview oversized – resolved
9. Member list in tools dropdown on main Nav bar
10. Login and log out issues on various pages - resolved
11. Additional upgrades to homepage section and articles
12. Review of sub forum icons

Please continue to use this thread for questions, bug reporting, etc..
Jeff M
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