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smog project

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I have a 1984 f-240 with a 460 with a holly 650. I want to beef up the power but I also need it to pass Ca. smog. I know you guys are going to tell me to find a pre-smog car well im looking for one but until I find one im working with smog.... what do you recommend I want around 400-500 hp
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I've found that if your motor looks stock, except for CARB approved stuff like headers, and it runs clean when sniffed it'll probably pass. Just don't draw attention to yourself and play on the appearance. An aftermarket intake that has the name carefully ground off, living under a stock type aircleaner won't be seen by anyone. Keep all the factory smog stuff in place and functional. Power is made inside the motor, porting, compression and a smooth idle cam are impossible to spot at a glance. Good jetting and a proper advance curve in your distributor are also pretty tough to spot. Things like chrome aircleaners and valve covers don't make a bit of power, but catch an inspectors eye right away. Make it run, but make it look like a stocker with legal headers and hopefully you'll cruise thru inspections as easy as I have. ID call one of the builders on this forum for internal parts and advice.
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