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Hello everyone. I'm new to the site and wanted to give the guys that know Ford motors a shot at this before it gets posted on craigslist. Long story short my dad past away a few years ago and he was a BB Ford guy. I have his last engine he built that needs to go to a new home as I already have a built 460. I don't know all the specs but I will answer everything to the best of my knowledge.

block: DIVE-6015-A2B bored .030 over with flat top pistons (used borescope and the could read the top of the piston, never been ran BRAND NEW)
Heads are cast iron. Came off a built 460 boat motor which have been ported. Couldn't fine casting #'s
Chrome valve covers/stock oil pan
Weiand Stealth intake manifold
dual valve springs, 3/8 ARP push rods, Crane roller tip rockers
Not sure what cam but was told it was a street strip cam.
It was designed to run on pump gas
Most likely has high volume oil pump as he put those in all his builds
If there was interest i could disassemble the engine to see if he has ARP studs in the connecting rods or pull the water pump to see what cam is in it but wanted to wait first.

He built 6 of these over time and this one got all the best of the best from what he was telling me. If interested please Call or Text Aaron @ 661-373-1989 for more info and pictures.
I live in Santa Clarita CA and can ship through Fastenal for serious buyers. Thank your guys for looking!
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