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Ford Motorsport A-460 Heads. 80cc Chambers 2.300 S.S. intakes 1.880 S.S. Exhaust."Complete"
Triple Springs with Titanium Retainers 10 Dreg. locks 340" Seat 940" Open
Jesel 1.75 Shaft Rocker Set up.
Heads Port matched to this Ford Motorsport A-460 Intake.
BBC Exhaust Bolt pattern on Ford Bore Spacing.
Custom 2.250" Upright Stainless Steel Headers. ( Loud )

OK I'm not going to give this top end away,(I value it at $8000.00) I'm only looking for Fair Market Value.
So get your calculators out and send me an email with your best offer.

[email protected]

Reason for selling I'm putting my Trickflow A-460 heads and intake on this season.
No reason to have these just sitting in the shop.

Thank for looking

Dan and ShaZam

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