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spider gear issues

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spider gears in my 8.8 rear end are starting to chip off how long will they last like this? do you run it till they break as i havent put any money in carrier and axles or gears or do you fix it now what do you guys think?

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I have several 9 s If you need one. I havent ever chipped teath they always just break off. I would chuck another set or a mini spool in it at the least before i went and raced again. Nothin wrong with welding it either. I use good five star welding rod [128,000 psi] and have never broken the carrier or the welds.
thanks andy we do have a couple 9inches in the garage but i really like the 8.8 they seems like they are a way lighter rotating mass and ive thought about welding it to i dunno my biggest thing is how long has it been like this ive never had the cover off and its got 4 years of racing on it but never with a motor like this
weld it, replace it, or swap it now! Don't wait until you are on the line in a race and break it. While you may get the "Oohhh's" from the crowd, it sucks, plus you never know what it will take with it when it goes.
i like the dirt drags tho to how would a welded rear end work on hard ground??
Hooks like a spool! For dirt drags, the rear is no problem. It's when you weld or spool the front when you start breaking stuff.
yea im pretty sure i have an open front end this is the first time i ever had the cover off the rear just to make sure what gear ratios i had to make sure no one was ever in there changing anything and when i opened it up it is just a stock 3.55 posi mybe ill try to welding
Pull the carrier out, take the ring gear off so you have good access and brake clean the snout out of the carrier so you can get good penetration without all that popping from the left over oil. Weld it up, drop it back in and enjoy!
I ran welded up front and rears last year. spooled front and rear this year. Seems to be going pretty straight so far?! Like Karl says WELD IT UP!!
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