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stock crankshaft rmp limit

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i have a 460 dont have the money for a stroker would love it but h beam rods and forged pistons i can afford right now i have a solid flat tappet cam with an rpm range of 3,000 to 6,800 will my stock crank hold up will also be 12.5:1 compression
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stock cranks can handle an awful lot of power and rpm
A factory 460 crank won't have any issues in that application.
i used to run a stock crank in my old 466ci and i beat the crap out of it, it saw 8000 rpms by accident a few times, it was a solid roller and would not stop revving! also the car went 9s on spray.
stock 460 crank

x3, used a stock 460 crank in my blown 473 with Eagle h-beams and Speed pro forged dish tops, revs awesome, shift at 6800. 7 years and no issues.
what do you guys know about ohio crankshaft h-beam rods the set of factory 6.605 are only $399 for the set and come with arp 2000 rod bolts
No experience with OHIO products, but have heard nothing but horror stories, from reliable sources, of breakage and balancing issues!
I've balanced a few Ohio crankshaft cranks and I thought they were similar to Eagle in that they balanced easily and they were of reasonable quality.
I got a kit from them had a problem with crankshaft being too much stroke they replaced it and now i see they dont sell a 4340 4.14 crank . My rods checked fine but the bearings were offset , i guess the taps were off.
A factory 460 crank won't have any issues in that application.
what about factory rods what rpms will they live at with good bolts Im talking the passinger not the truck rods thanks
stock rods are all about the same... they generally break in the beam... and theyre safe to 5500 rpm and 550 hp assuming good tune. bad enough tune and anything can break... even a stock 224 hp smogger 460, lol
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