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I hate thieves............ I cut/pasted this from www.corral.net

Stolen Truck


Friday night at 11:10pm this Friday ATI ProCharger in Lenexa KS, had
one of their towing trucks, and matching trailer stolen.
They have video surveillance footage, although they are offering a
reward for the speedy return, or recovery of the rig.
Reason being is that their is a trade show this weekend, and the
trailer was loaded with the trade show truss.

I will now describe the truck, trailer, and contents that were stolen.

Chances are that the graphics have been removed from the truck and
trailer. So please just look for the truck and the trailer as being
Inside the trailer was a black "truss" system that is used at SEMA
shows. So chances are this has been thrown out. Please look for this
in any dumpers in the area.

Photos of the Truck and Trailer, and the truss system will be listed
Honestly, the truss is the big part since it was being loaded to go to
a Harley Trade Show in 2 weeks.

Thank you soooooo much for the recovery of this truck and trailer.
This is the first official annoucment

PS: Please spread this to other Local car forums...!!!

2004 Dodge 3500 Cummins Dually Pick up. 4x4
VIN# 3D7MU48C746242514
License Plate: D 2428 2
Exterior Color: White
Interior Color: Light Grey
Transmission: Automatic
Stereo: Infinity
The truck has/had D.O.T. Stickers located on the sides of the doors
under the mirrors. These stickers are white.
The truck also has a MASSIVE 50 GALLON auxiliary fuel tank mounted
behind the cab.
The truck has a chrome bug shield, chrome nerf bars, spray in bed
liner, and tires that are only a month old
The truck has a fifth wheel attachment.
The truck also has a carbon fiber overlay on the interior trim items.

2005 40' ATC 5th wheel Aluminum Trailer
VIN# 1N9GE4295E167721
Licence Plate: D 2428 A
Trailer is solid white.
Aftermarket Alum wheels
Dual axels
MASSIVE full "wrap" with procharger logo, on both sides and rear.
Chances are that this wrap is long gone, so please just look for the
trailer being solid white.

Photos: The truss is the Black Metal item spanning the bottom shots.

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