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i did an all cobra brake conversion two years ago and they work awesome! i've gotten so serious in drag racing and the rear brakes are not allowing me to run deeper BS with 15 inch wheels. they recommend to use 16 inch wheels minimum but you can run 5.5BS 15 inch wheels no problem. i want to go to a 7.5 or a 8.5 BS 15 wheel so i can run a 12 or 13 wide wheel in the rear.

therefore, i am selling the SOT brackets ($199 new + shipping) the rotors and pads ($129 + shipping) and if you get the pads too you don't have to resurface rotors because the pads that wore into rotors are being supplied. if not, you will need to turn rotors and then put new pads. i'm also including the caliper brackets ($40 plus tax). i don't have the axle rings pictured but i am including them as well.

i am selling these because of course above, i want to run 15 inch wheels no problem so i am going to GT brakes and ditching the cobra brakes. these brakes work perfectly. i am going to be able to reuse the caliper from the cobra brake because they are the same.

email me at [email protected] or text me 805 952 5170

$275 or OBO


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