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Right guys, due to cost of balancing here in UK(£400/$650) I am selling some parts, putting a bit too and buying a stroker kit, I wont have enough for a scat setup from Brian/Adney but will have enough for a budget kit using Kb's etc. The motor is going in my purely street Cobra rep, my quandry is do I go with a 4.140 and then regret going 4.5? or do I go with 4.3 and edge my bets? there are very few 500+ Ci cobras(street) in Uk so I do like the idea of having something fairly unique over here, the cost of gas is prohibitive here anyway so 8/10/12/Mpg? it makes no odds, the block is a fresh +60 so that will dictate things to a degree, what do you guys reckon?? :roll: Thanks Dave
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I would go with the ....

4.3 stroke I think.....
I'd definitely go with the 4.300" stroke. You'll enjoy the added cubes and torque with easy packaging.
stroker choice

Right guys, decided that I'm going to hit the buy it now button tonight for a 4.3 kit, Q is I dont know wether to go for the 10.8 or the 10-1 option rod/piston setup, because the block I will use for this motor is +60 I was thinking 10.8-1, to refresh this is a street driven cobra, that I would like to be driveable but I would like it to "kick ***" any further thoughts before I part with my hard earned! Thanks Dave :twisted:
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