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stupid tire decisions.....

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well, i can get a set of 38.5 boggers for $1300 new
but i wanted to go bigger, but the next step is 44's!! i dont wanna destroy my wallet to buy 44's to realize there a little to big and be stuck with 2000$+ worth of tires....
and 42" tsl's are 150$ more PER tire for only 3 inches bigger .....

ahhhhhhhhhhh....... i guess ill wait til after the swap meet in carlisle this coming weekend and if i dont find anything ill just buy 38" boggggggers
i just really wanted a 40 or 42" tire

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What local mud class rules does your truck fit best with what tires?

If your racing it's very important to match your truck, local classes and drive train capabilities.

well i am just now startin to get more into it. the local county fairs are to strict, normally 35-38 is a class i think and bigger is an open class, but ive got one of the bigger trucks around so open isnt a big deal. i have good clearance and no rubbing with 38's to, no trimmed fenders either.
maybe thats where i should stay is the 38" size , i like havin the clearance for the flexxin and bouncin without smashin my tins...

and i havent done the gears yet cuz i was waitin til i knew fro sure what tires im gettin
and i got the divorced 205 t case, and dana 60 in front, i REALLY enjoy not breakin axles and u joints with it!!! maybe 44's would be pushin my luck anyway with stock d60 parts?
Your answering a lot of your own questions breaking down your needs and capabilities which is a good thing.

I'd for sure go safe leaning towards the 38's also. If you put 44's on you might just get some out of towner's roll in with some high HP light machines sporting 44" tires and run the open class. If you stay with 38's that is not likely to happen so much and your parts are not in as much jeopardy from breaking with the added weight and bite of the 44's.
yeaaaa. i guess i should just stick with the 38 size. just needed to hear someone else say it to!
well ordered new 38.5x15x16 boggers today, $1336.00 shipped!!! NTW beat every other company by at least 200$ , now hopefully they get here by saturday!!
Hey man, nothing stupid about putting a lot of thought into buying tires. Its a pretty big expense. I think you'll be happy with those boggers. Our local fairs have tire class rules that cut off at 38" and then anything over 38" to 44". To tech them, they use plywood cut outs at those measurements and see if they will slip over the tires or not. A few guys here run two classes by playing with air pressure. But some places go by what it says on the sidewall. Something to think about.

BTW, NTW is a good bunch of guys, they also own that powerline park I was telling you about in another thread.

Dave S.
yea i just sold my 38" thornbirds and when you hold a tape measure to them, they measured 35.5" WTF! oh well, hope my new rubbers come by saturday so i can put this town to shame at the fair! bahaha!

anyways, when you plan on going back to powerline park?
yeaaaa. i guess i should just stick with the 38 size. just needed to hear someone else say it to!
I think you'll be happier with them. 44's are an awful lot of un-sprung weight.
44 bogger you need a ton of horsepowah to actully make them work.. On top of that youll be needing chromo axles or breaking parts is in order... We all want bigger badder better but at my local mud hole a guy had old stepside ford 300 6clyn w 38s and got further than the guy w 44s and a **** ton more horsepowah.... dont get caught up in 44s they put u in the big boy class where im from

trust me i want 44s ;) but they will come after the motor is built
It's not a bad thing you ordered the 38.5's. If you wanted to go a little bigger but still keep weight down a bit you could have gone up to 39.5's.
well with my 16 inch wheel my only bogger options were 38.5 or 44... oh well they are on the truck and looky sexy so im happy!
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