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Sturgis south dakota

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Anybody going to sturgis, sd ? They are having side by side drags aug 8th & 9th
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Oh ya! I`ll be there. Too good of a combo to pass up! Bikes, Babes, Mud racing....:D
dang, I got a bunch of friends ridin their bikes down there for that weekend, I should just trail them with my rig on the back!!
I'll be there, had a great time last year.
You ran well in Sturgis! You got that truck dialed in right. That was alot of fun this year, especially since it didn`t rain! Although it tried to:D:D
Thought i`d add some video. I took third the first day, prob 6th the second.(red light blues!) Definately got lucky on the lanes as you can tell! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VHQRT7XRKg
I have more videos of the prostock, and pro mod, which i will post tommorrow.
dang you guys had some wicked runs!! Lota ford power rollin around there, always a nice thing to see. What was the yellow ford running? he was quick!! Maybe it was the color?!?! HAHA
That`s the super stock class. We all are limited to 468, cast iron heads, and 15" vac. Yellow Thunder is fast, thats who i`ve been trying to catch all summer. The last race of the vid is as close as i`ve got, I was PUMPED!
Here`s a couple more, the Pro mod, open, and the Pro Stock classes. It`s not all the races, but what my 14 yr old daughter got on camera.:)
I guess I wouldnt be in the super stock there with532ci BBF, sure would be a fun trip though. Thats the same week as the bike rally?
Ya, its right at the Buffalo Chip, free camping for us who participated.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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