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Coolers? What did you think I was asking about? :wink:

This is an old pic, not recent, but I plan to reuse these components again in my Cougar when I get my 460/stroker/ whatever it will be/ in the car.

The blue was my power steering cooler, which was an old trans cooler. (I needed one, because with the headers and the 460, the car heat soaked and popped two power steering lines!).

The top is my trans cooler. It's actually from a Jeep Wagoneer with a tow package.

The car they are pictured in is a Ford Elite, to give a frame of reference for size.

Are these too large? I never had a problem using them, just curious, before I go and reuse them.

Yes, I know, minus points for the hacky hose job.. I redid it all with actual line since that pic, and before stripping it currently.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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