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Swaping parts

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Hi guys, I'm sorry I have not been on here for a while. any ways I recently picked up a 460 short block (free) the bock is a D9TE-AB I don't know what year it is, I do know it came out of a 79 F250 4x4.

My question is I have a D1VE-6015-A2B will my crank and rods work in the D9TE block?
I do know my D1VE stuff is internally balenced, I am assuming the D9TE stuff is externally baleced due to the extra bob wieght for the crank?
If I use all my D1VE stuff will it all fit in the D9TE block with out any grinding?

PS I did find the issue what caused my first motor to melt the #1 and #2 main berings. The oil gallys had some junk in them from the line bore. The machine shop did put in the hot jet tank but did not remove the oil plugs and brush them out, my fault for not checking that prior to assembly!

Thanks, you guy's are a great and full of wonderfull knowlegde that we can all use!
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The early internal balance crank will not work in the D9 block unless you do some grinding in the main webbing area.
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