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The boat is almost ready for the gruling 300 miles of Parker. I have one -12 water line to make (waiting on Summit) and I am done, waiting on UPS. I could not have done any of this without a few People and some really great companies standing behind me. As always we are just hoping to finish 300 miles. My team have worked real hard this season to keep us in the races. Donna the one that keeps me somewhat calm and guides the whole team, Amanda for all her hard work and effort, Tony for always being here when I need you as well as catching things I may miss, Steve for always ready to help nomatter what I ask of him, Brian for helping me get it done in Burley and the long hours on the phone going over pump stuff, Scott the motorhead that always keeps me pointed in the right dirrection.

Special thanks to;

Ranchos Havasue Estates, for helping me get though the season when I was financially done.
Jet Boat Performance, When I needed you you were there
ARS Marine, helping me comtinue the fight
Foxwell Motorsports, for taking good care of my heads
High Flow Dynamics, for keeping me going with good quality oil pumps and bitchen rocker arms
GS Marine, for helping me get to Burley
Atlas Plastering, for covering my entry in Burley
Steve Nevell Trucking, for the great suport this season
Boat Racing Facts.com, thank you for the great food and insight at the races
Just Jet Boats.com, For believing in me

To all that have helped and been part of this season;
Ralph, Tom, Omar, Steve, Brian, Tony, Dave, Scott, Rick, Ross, Terry, Nick, Toby, David, Roger, Don, Teb, Paul, Ben, Brad and anyone I may have left out.

You have all made this a great season and I thank you.

Off to the Races @ 11am
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