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I took the truck this friday to the track. I made 6 passes. Every pass I made had a 2.2 60ft. No matter if I got up on the converter or just left from idel. Truck never spun a tire. It just wouldn't go any faster. 1/8 mile

Now the transmission has a ton of miles and the converter is pretty tight. It wants to go around 1000 rpms!

Or have I just found the limit on the engines power.

I noticed on my times the main differeance in ET was around the 330 marker. I would run the same 60ft and mph but my et would range from 10.2-10.40. 1/8 mile

What is this a sign of?

On one pass I took the air filter off and half track it started acting like it was running out of gas. My mph dropped 10 and only lost 6/10's though! I put the air cleaner back on and it never done it again.
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