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Well last year they killed my class and now i'm hearing that they might move the races 450 miles from me. So if I decide to sell my stuff, what is it really worth??

sheetmetal intake with 2 1150 prosystems carbs
Charlies C heads with Ty valves with coated isky springs
WW rockers
Manton 7/16" tapered pushrods
Isky .904 red zone e-z roller lifters
60mm comp cam
Eliminator premier block 4.600 bore with bushed lifter bores
Kaase pump
billet crank 4.125 stroke
BME rods
JE lightened pistons 16-1
Danny Bee belt drive
sheetmetal valve covers
MSD dizzy

Made 1152hp and 820 torque on a very conservative dyno.
Been told it's 1200hp+ on everyone elses dyno. Based on the ET and MPH i'm guessing their right. Car ran 8.38 @ 165 in 4200 ft of air at 3200lbs on a TT5 slick with a glide.

1991 mustang gt hatch just built this year with all new parts.
25.3 moly cage
All UPR front and rear suspension
Wild rides upper and lower S-boxes
Adjustable rear coil spring perches that use the small spring
Strange brakes front and rear
9" narrowed 2" each side with 40 spline gun drilled axles
Mini tubbed
Full interior with carpet and 2 kirkey seats and center console
All autometer phantom guages
lightweight steering column with quick release wheel
halon system
8" cowl hood
HID headlights
ARC switch panel
Quik data
Product Engineering pump
16V battery
MSD 7530 box
Strang double adjustable rear shock and singles up front
Chandler racing front limiters
power windows
Markiwich front spoiler
billet specialties 15x10 and 15x4
hoosier 26x8.5 rears and mickey 26 front runners
Car weighs 2750 without me or ballast with that tank of an engine.
Car probably needs paint or a good buffing.
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