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Ready to run, Comp pac alloy type springs 940lbs off the seat. SS valves.
Jesel 1.85 Shaft rockers / Rockers included
I will throw the head studs in.. ARP's.

10 bolt heads. Excellent flow, these are as good as any A head out there flow wise.

Ported by BJ's Cylinder Head Service and flowed by Charlie Evans

2.392 intake valve, 1.920 exhaust valve, non-tulip, without a pipe


ALL hardware bolt on ready.. $4400.00 OBO also will consider trades on other parts, MSD mags, Hemi blower intake,??

ALso have a set of Billet specialties Fab valve covers cost $550.00 with center vents welded in. Can run blow down tubes or whatever... $250.00 with the heads.

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