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Ok so I'm bored here at work, 3:10 friday afternoon, hour yet before I can go home. Best friend just called me to tell me about the 63 Buick riviera, that he just bought back for $6500. Thats the same 63 Riv he sold 12+ years ago, and has been regretting everyday of his life since.
He is now a happy man, he has his prize Riv back, it's a beautiful car too by the way.
But thats not the reason I am typing away on this topic, that was just filler, really I was thinking about numbers. Being an engineer I think about them all the time, its my job so even when I'm bored, numbers still pop in and out of my head.....

Does anybody want to venture a guess at the population in thousands of 429's and 460's still left in the world.
And continuing that thought, how many sets of CJ heads and blocks are still around?

Now just looking at say DOVE heads, Ford made many thousands, but what of the attrition rate. 40% of the original population left? Less? 30%

Now CJ parts and especially Boss parts were generally recognised as valuable. I would think, so do you think that maybe even 50% of the original number produced are still around....

Just numbers to ponder over this afternoon.

Dane V
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