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Time for a rad, recommendations?

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Well after 18 years of service it's time to replace the rad in the '77, looking at getting an aluminum one but open to suggestions. Superior cooling and easy fitment are two key needs. Anybody have good/bad experiances they wish to share? Thanks.
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My griffin aluminum rad seems to work just fine, but it sits in the box so as far as fitment goes, it won't be much help. But with my e-fans on it, and CSR elec. water pump it can keep my 532 under 200* in thick mud on a hot day no problem.
Griffin, Howe and Northern all make very good radiators (in that order IMO).

They all have a huge selection of "universal" oval track radiators. Priced from $159.00-$225.00. Depending on what your doing - buy the smallest/lightest one or the biggest one you can fit in the core support.
Mud Freak & Will, thanks for your replies. I checked the Griffin site and they had multiple listings for my truck so I wrote explaining what I had, how I use it and how much cooling I need. I'll post what they recommend for me.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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