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time for good leaf spring set ups, what you think?

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i got like 12 leaf springs in the rear of my truck to level out my 9 inch coil spring lift in the front, but my leafs are off a BIG truck and they dont really bounce at all! i was thinking about just buying the 6 inch spring pack from bronco graveyard, about 400$ i think? is they and better solution or cheaper? i have leaf springs laing everywhere at my place form past vehicles i scrapped, but i want the rear to be as flexible as the front as i go bee-boppin through the mud
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6" softride springs + shackle flip, should get ya pretty close, then you can add a small block to level out, or remove a leaf to bring it down a notch.
well ive done a shackle flip before and i didnt even notice a difference? and i was told if i hit a big bump the shackle COULD come forward and get loked in the upright position... or is that highly unlikely
I think it depends more on how you set up the shackle angle, if it was pointing away from the spring abit, then when you do lift off the ground, it should only come straight up and down, not forward. Then I don't see any way it could get bound up with the spring. Most shackle flips are good for about 3" lift.
at least 3in but note that when you flip the rear shackle the axle is going to be moved forward a little bit. you can move both perchs back after you flip it so your axle doesnt move forward
I would cut the front leaf mount off the frame and weld it lower on the frame. Then do the same thing with the shackle mount in the rear. You can get at least 2-3" out of that.

Also on the rear you can use an oval track leaf spring "slider box" and weld it where ever you like. The slide box will take a lot rate out of the first 2-3" of leaf spring travel making for a smoother ride.
what iv been seeing some ppl do like a buddie mine at the sand drags cut to leafs just behind his block on each side to soften the ride but maintaning the leafs in front of the block helps with the rap. im not sure on this i use a shackle flip 5 leafs and a ladder bar from hell and mine rides beautifly
hmmm, ill have to think of how i wanna do this, i have tons of leafs layin around so i should be able to make something soft but give me enough lift to level it with the 9" coil springs.
anybody wanna post pics of somethin they made up?
would it be best to just use 5 leafs from smallest to biggest like normal? or mix em up
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