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Leak is only prominent/noticeable when I hit 3000+ rpms. The oil falls to both sides of the engine headers and burns off going down the road. If I keep the rpm's lower, the leak is low if non existent (no smoke). When I pull in the garage and let it sit, it has a bit of residual drip, but is not constantly leaking. I've also noticed a small leak around the dipstick tube where it meets the timing cover. My next step is to swap my breather and PCV to see if that makes a difference. In another post I read if they are filled with the foam stuff (which they are), it may be an issue.I'm guessing the crankcase pressure is pushing the oil out but could definitely use some advice on this one.

Also, we swapped the seal last night just in case as well and have the same issue.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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