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timing is jmping with vacuum advance hooked up

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so the car is acting wierd today.....

timing is at 10 degrees initial and 32 over all......but we hooked p the vacuum advance and then the timing seem sto jump all over the place, initial timing was jmping between 0,10,20 degrees.....disconnected the vacuum advance and it was back at a steady 10 initial .....any reason for this....

msd probillet distrib.
msd 6al2 box....
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Where are you trying to get a vacuum signal from?
Where are you trying to get a vacuum signal from?
from the front of the carb, carb has a vac port, funny thing is worked fine for a few days than today she started fuel from the carb, and the timing starting jumping around...disconnected the vac advnace and plugged the carb and distrib, and all went away
Dude, what is "STARTED FUEL FROM THE CARB"? Ported vacuum or manifold vacuum source?
Lol. I meant to say "started spitting fuel from the top of the carb".

Vac is being pulled from vac port on front of edel carb.

That's what I get for not proof reading.
Do you know which side one is manifold vacuum and other is timed.
Frank , if you get vacuum from both ports , need to do some tuning, one port should have no vacuum -- hook dist. hose there .
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