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Tire Eating Porsche Cayenne?

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Brother in law has a Porsche Cayenne and he's been putting a new set of tires on it every 12,000 miles or so, and it's getting pretty expensive. According to him, the tires are just eaten up at that point. He claims that he's heard that all Cayennes are like this. Also says that the weight of the vehicle (supposed to weigh a LOT, even more than my Suburban) has a lot to do with it. Of course, the tires on my Suburban will last over 50,000 miles.

Has anyone heard of this? Sounds a bit ridiculous to me, but maybe the combination of somewhat of a low profile, heavy weight, and maybe a softer tire compound is causing the excessive wear.

Any thoughts?


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Might have something to do with the twin turbo V8? :D
Not Turbo

He's got the N/A version. Still has some power, but I don't think he's roasting the tires at every stop light...

What tires

What tires is he running? Has he checked the compound?

They're probably running soft compound tires to get it to handle. And, because it handles, he probably corners hard. And, because the compound is soft, he doesn't know he's plowing...they don't squeal.

...just a guess. If the tires are 320 or lower compound, that's why they're wearing fast.
How are they wearing? Even across the tread, heavy on the outside, heavy on the inside?

Problem Solved

Ok, got some more info tonight. Tires are Pirelli Scorpion, and they're wearing out on the sidewall. Oh, yeah, and and the nutbag doesn't know how much air he has in the tires... Sounds like my brother in law needs to meet Mr. Tire Gauge.

Thanks for all the input.


Wearing on the sidewall?

Tell him to stop taking off ramps at 80 with 28psi in the tires! This ain't no 911 Turbo! :shock:
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