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Ford 460ford.com only must call in order.

We are the leaders in rust removers. We offer gel and liquid. removes the worst of rust but safe enough to drink.

1 quart of concentrate makes 1 gallon $20 shipped
1 quart of gel $20 shipped
1 quart or tnt anti rust ( rust preventative) $15 shipped
1 gallon that makes 5 gallons or 2.5 gallons industrial strength $79.99 shipped
Rubberized and paintable undercoating $25 gallon shipped

These products are better than evapo-rust check them out
tntrustremover.com orders must be phoned in toll free 855-tnt-rust or 855-868-7878

distributors wanted

DISTRIBUTORS wanted to sell environmentally friendly rust removers, rust preventatives, undercoating; these products sell themselves, everyone has rust; great to sell at swap meets and car shows. 855-TNT-RUST (868-7878), OH; tntrustremover.com
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