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to much bite

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i dont know if this is a ford or not but holy crap!!!!!!!!! it happened at hamilton mo.

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good god!!! that was a horendous wreck, glad that guy is ok!! There is alot to be said for the safety equipment he must have been using to keep him safe!!

As for too much bite, I guess when you're that light/powerful you might need alittle slip to keep it on the ground LOL. I for one, do not have that issue, especially with the excess of mass, and speed of nonexsistence to which the mud beats on my windshield!!
Paperboy Express

Paperboy Express runs with PROBADD association. Runs a Keith Black Hemi with a spare in the trailer ready to. Probably the fastest mud racer out there. Our fastest guy in CMRO ran against him last year in Sturgess and got ate for dinner 0.6 of a second or so. Very Fast. I think they are in the 3000+ hp range.

Later Mark
paperboy express runs at the peat monster where we race,hes on the video from the 4th.l i talked to him last year and he was running a big ford hemi from C&C.
Wow I didn't know that happened!!

Just talked to Cody at the Robin's Iowa race and he said he was very close to getting done and coming to our race next weekend. Guess he's not?? Glad he's ok!!

Paperboy's engine sounds like no other. He told me kinda like Rich say's, he runs an old styled Ford Hemi.


Okay I'll go with that as my buddys are Chevy guys and probably got their wires crossed.

Later Mark
Damn what a ride glad he's ok, would've had to clean my pants out
Damn I was going to go down to Hamilton friday night but had a points race sat so I didn't.... :eek:Damn what a ride!!

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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