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torque load question

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was woundering if any body know what i am talking about...i have 38 boggers all the way around 3.73 gears up front on the dana 44 c6 auto with standered ratio...np 205 transfer and for the rear end i have 4.11 with a 9 inch ...now my question where is my torque load gonna be .....on my transfer case or on my u joints ....thanks Jordan
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3.90 would be alot closer to what you want, The load will be distributed throught your entire driveline finding the weakest link first. Stay off the hardpack and you should be allrite for awhile. If you can't get it back into 2WD after a run a quick spin of the tires will unwind the driveline.
why run seperate gear ratios????

i had a d44 and 9 inch with 4.11's and a 205... always broke the ears off my front axles.. with 38 boggers an a 460
therefore i nutted up and entered the dark side and bought a d60 :cool: needless to say no more problems!!! ( knock on wood!)
Not enough gear will cause those axles to do that.
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