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transfer case swap??

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not sure if i should post this here or in trans section but here goes. i have a 86 bronco with a very tired 351w and c6.i just bought a freshly rebuilt 72 lincoln 460 and c6. will the transfer case from the smallblock c6 swap to the bb c6? and what's involved? a buddy of mine had an od big block trans with a transfer case on it and he was putting it into a 2wd truck. to take the case off and put the 2wd tail on the trans shop said he had to change the main shaft and all kindsa stuff.i am hoping i can just unbolt and rebolt..

thanks for any info.
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Have to dis-assemble both transmissions.
Critters I missed the word "lincoln":eek: didn't realize he was using a "car tranny!"
thanks guys. thats what i was affraid of. still be worth it to get that tired old smallblock outta there
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