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Trick Front springs in a Fairlane!!

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OK.. I have a 1966 Fairlane.. 521..C6.. I installed the Big Block Moroso Trick Springs in the front.. with everything installed i couldn't get the front end to budge with me (6'5" 320) standing on the front jumping up and down!! They are the ones for a BB in a Fairlane.. So I have a friend i race with that has a 66 chevelle that had SBC front springs, new laying around, so i tried them.. they are a little bit narrower, little shorter and smaller wire diameter.. Now if i stand on the front end and jump up and down it moves about a inch... what gives.. car is still sprung like a cat!! Do i have to just start cutting coils? What a pain!! Has anyone else had this problem? I need to get the car to ride height so i can get it aligned.. Thanks!!
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Sometimes, it takes the new springs a while to settle in for determining ride height. I also thought the idea of the race type springs was to have more extension with less resistance than standard passenger car springs... how do they react under launch conditions? Are you using drag type shocks on the front also?

I assumed that they would set a little lower with stored energy and spring under launch conditions... I have the shocks adjusted to 90/10.. Thanks for the help!!
Drive it around some and let them settle.
Might want to check and see if something in the suspension is binding.
Drive it around some and let them settle.
X2, they will settle a lot
Moroso says cut 1/4 turn will drop 1", cut two coils max
I wouldn't cut them until they've had time to settle, then you will probably have to cut them some. It's a bitch changing springs, I must have done it five times trying different springs.
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