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what do u guys think of this truck it looks alright to me but im kinda new to this style of truck. thanks for the advice
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thou it looks like it has 60,000 miles on it make sure to look at the odomoter an see if there is a 0 before the 6 thou some didnt have room for the 0 before they only had five numbers total otherwise my dad still has his great truck
ya i was thinking that it was kindof a rare find to find a 24 yr old truck with less then 60,000 on it ill keep that in mind when i go take a look at it. and other common problems with this year of truck that i should be looking for?
The 86 model don't have the 100,000 mile speedo I have a 86 I could say it on has 56,000 but it really has 256,000 on it look at the brake padel and see how much wear is on the rubber that is a good way tell if the rubber is wore real bad I wouldn't be scared to say it most likely has 160,000 instead of 60,000.If he bought it new it is just his word but if he has bought it used it should say on the title
Nah. I would pass that up. Look for a 70s FORD.
My dad had a standard cab '86 with a 302.. Loved that truck. Rugged and reliable. Only problem was that it had major rust issues, and it seemed like every Spring we would have to replace a panel or repair rust that had formed over the Winter. Other than that though it was a great truck that we took everywhere, despite the fact that it was only 2wd.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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