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Truck Cam Vids From This Weekend!

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We had a very good weekend came home with 4 trophies in two days!:D The first day Kasey (my Wife) drove like a mad women beating several of the top trucks! She got 3rd out of 36 trucks had to forfeit racing for 2nd or even 1st due to loosing the belts and getting hot (250 degrees :eek:) even though one of my other trucks driven by a friend of mine got 2nd she was a little upset because she beats him at home on the test track! I ran up to 3rd in the first round out of 40 trucks Broke a started put on the spare it started the truck twice and then broke as well so nothing but first round points for me that day! Day 2 My home town fair had its biggest truck and spectator turn out ever! Kasey again raced the wheels off of her truck getting 4th out of 30 trucks only got beat by the winner of the previous day winner and it was only by a bumper! Me on the other hand nobody could touch all day I won in a class of 31 trucks in front of the home town crowd!:D

Here are a few of the truck cam vids from this weekend only got one of mine I forgot to turn the damn camera...oops! But got several of Kasey they looked better on my computer and with a clean windshield!


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Congrats derrick on the hometown win, trucks sound great
that looks like a blast!!! Little more driving effort has to be put into a race then that over a straight line pit. They're doing a slolom/tough truck course here in a week or so, I'll be entering the dirt drags, but I'll leave that twisty type of racing to the guys that can turn n burn!!
Thanks Guys! I will try and get some other vids on here and keep the windshields cleaner for the camera this weekend!

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