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dana 80 rear
with d-70 outters so it is a 8bolt
4.62 gears welded for posi

2 complete marryed tranny and t-cases
np205's and they wrok great

bunch of dana 60 rerars with 4.10's and 3.54's
one is a factory posi

4.56 gears for a standerd rotation d-60 front

mallory dual points dizzy new in box

big rear with 5 bolt pattern
gears are 6.28

i will sell or trade for
pistons for a A-head 4.300 storke 6.8 rod
13-1 or 14-1

rockwell rear or simalir with 5.38 or 5.34 gear

3.92 front ring and pinion d-44 front standerd rotation

msd dizzy

upright headers for a big block chevy exh

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