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I have a set of brand new TRW L2443NF-60 pistons brand new in box with all paperwork, pin clips, instructions. These are .060 overbore domed pistons for standard valve layout heads. C8VE-A, C8VE-E, C9VE-A, D0VE-A, D0VE-C, D0OE-R, D1VE-A, D1VE-AA, D2VE-A2A, D2VE-AA, D3VE-A2A, D8TE-EA, E6TE-EA, Edelbrock Aluminum, TFS Street/Strip (not A460), A429 Aluminum ( not SCJ Aluminum ), Blue Thunder (not Thor), ect.
This is an American made set and have the pin grove that will accept spiro locks (but none are included), just the standard pin clips.
I bought these from another member this June 2011. I have changed plans and no longer need these.

Dome height .332"

Aprox. Compression @ 10.300" Deck
95cc 11:1
75cc 13.6:1
70cc 14.5:1

I also have a new ring set to go with Sealed Power file fit Plasma-Moly Piston Rings 4.420 5/64 5/64 3/16 summit pn SLP-R1024665

$670 Shipped United States only, (others please inquier.)

Please contact me via PM
1 - 5 of 5 Posts