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I figured a 460 fourm would be a great place to start.

I recently bought a 1974 ford Ranchero 500 with a 351 Cleveland. Im turning this into a muscle car, Im thinking a nice blue with a vinal top and maybe white racing stripes.

I have always loved the 460, my buddy has one and he is only asking $150 with a C6 tranny. He bought it in a 72 lincoln and I guess it seized up on the way home. I figure its salvageable.

Anyways I know a stock 460 isent to much to brag about unless its a first gen.

My buddy has a matching set of toyota supra turbos. I was thinking about runing a turbo off each exsaust bank, running dual intercoolers, and a blow through carb set up.

What kind of power could I expect? 600hp? How many psi can a 460 handle?

As far as space is concerned there is alot of room in a ranchero.

Emissions dont matter eather, I live in MT haha
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