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Parts from my Big Block Ford dragster for sale in the UK. Probably will work out expensive to most of you guys in the states as they cost alot here in the uk due to shipping over and shipping back will double it up but for uk guys parts are going to work out cheap.

MSD 7531 Digital Programmable 7
MSD HVC2 Coil to suit above.

For Ignition box, coil, and a set of MSD Plug leads im looking for £700 - Cost me over £1000 including Vat. Brand new at before Easter.

JW Ultrabell Powerglide -> 460 (Big Block) Ford
JW The Wheel flexplate for 460 Ford (Internal Balance) Still in SFI date but minor damage to some teeth (can photo).
Crank -> Convertor sleeve for the above combination

Looking for £300 - Ultrabell will probably need retagging.

5000 Stall Convertor (to suit TH400 input shaft on a powerglide)

Cost £700, looking for £300.

Scat Forged 4.5 Stroke crank. Mains are +010, Big ends need a regrind (still need to check out how much, id think +020 or less). Balanced to suit pistons and 6 Rod set below.

Brand new in UK would cost around £1300 + balancing. Mains were ground and re-nitrided due to spun bearing. Looking for £500 without regrinding. Can get cost for grinding / nitriding if required.

Eagle Forged H beam Rods 6.7". I have one set of 7, and another set of 6 (with ARP 2000 bolts). Not sure if they will interchange.

The 8 rods that the 6 set above came from cost me over £500 and have maybe 30 passes on them. Looking for £200. The other set looking for £100 for.

Probe Flat Top Pistons, 14792-060. Have been clearanced slightly for valves, can supply photo's. Set of 8.

Looking for £150 ford the pistons.

Jon Kaase oil pump, suit rear sump.

Cost around £200, so asking £100. Probably only 30 or so passes from new.

FRPP Front Sump Pan - has been repaired, but complete with sump heater and pickup. Needs rear sump oil pump.

Heat pad is 240 volt and cost me £70 just after easter. Sump cost around £200. Looking for £150.

FRPP SCJ heads, with roller springs to suit cam below, one needs minor repair - threads on one rocker stud are stripped. Complete with pushrods to suit.

Heads cost £1500 alone without pushrods, upgraded springs, upgraded retainers. £750 without repair.

Lem Evans Custom ground Comp cams cam 278*/288* 110*LSA 0.727" lift i and e with 1.73/1 rocker. Complete with Lifters. Also a Reed roller cam 269*/274* 0.702/0.721 lift.

Looking for £300 (custom cam cost that alone).

Crane Pro Billet Distributor. This has I believe a mallory cap. Originally had 2 pickups but one was removed to give us clearance. Complete with Crane HI-6N Ignition box and coil.

Looking for £200.

Innovators West SFI Damper. £200. Cost £240 without the shipping or vat.

Rons Flying Toilet alcohol injection system - 4.1" Throttle. Supplied by James Monroe and setup to suit our 552ci Big Block Ford (approx 770 hp). Includes Black Geared pump (0-1/2). Brackets modified to suit our setup so may need replacing. No Crank Mandrel.

Cost over £1300. Looking for £750.

Edelbrock Victor manifold for BBF, drilled / tapped for flying toilet injection system - one injector had to be redrilled to slightly offset - can supply photos. Would work well with the flying toilet above.


Weiand Stealth Manifold for BBF.


Pete Jackson geardrive for big block ford.


Roller timing set for big block ford.


Edelbrock RPM CJ heads for big block ford. With valves but no springs. Surface marked from previous failure, can supply photos.


Cast chinese stroker kit, 4.3 stroke inc i beam rods and Keith black pistons +030 (suit 10:1 compression). Should be OK for up to 600 hp build.

All balanced and ready to go, just been sat in the workshop since it saw use in my old engine - £750

FRPP 1.73 ratio roller rockers. Slightly marked, can supply photos. Cost £265 + shipping, looking for £100.
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